Arinsco Optics releases new and improved second-generation C3D glasses

November 28, 2016 CONRIC PR

Arinsco Optics unveils its reengineered second-generation C3D glasses. The C3D line of non-corrective glasses employ revolutionary technology that offers a richly enhanced viewing experience at home without the need for a 3D television.

Whether you’re watching a sporting event, a documentary about nature, or playing your favorite video game, images appear lifelike and in detailed display. The new and improved second-generation C3D glasses give the user a feeling as if they are looking through a window where the action is taking place on the other side.

The C3D glasses, which enables the user’s eyes to view separate images that the brain is then able to integrate into one, rich viewing experience, is expected to become a popular holiday gift item for everyone in the family.

Arinsco principal owner Les Hardison said, “Our new C3D glasses give users a fascinating television watching and gaming experience and allow them to enjoy TV on a whole new level. We are very pleased with the latest generation.”

For just $25 per pair, the patent-pending technology of the C3D glasses brings the action to life for family television or home theater viewing, gaming on a desktop computer or mobile device, and professional presentations with unprecedented polish.

To order C3D glasses go to or visit Arinsco Optics at 4524 SE 16th Place, Suite 4 Cape Coral, Florida.

About Arinsco Optics

Arinsco Optics, located in Cape Coral, Florida, is a trustworthy company that offers 2D-to-3D glasses for the whole family. Les Hardison, a retired engineer, is the principal owner of Arinsco Optics who has patents pending for the C3D products to help people affordably enjoy the 3D effect on a regular flat screen TV set. Visit or call (239) 257-2312 to find out more, or drop by the store at 4524 SE 16th Place, Suite 4 Cape Coral, Florida.

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